Thursday, August 2, 2012

Natalie + Chad 06.14.12

At a Fourth of July pool party, hosted by the Preston Flats Lawn Tennis and Social Society, I had the privilege of meeting Natalie and Chad. It just so happened that the two were getting married in a week, and in a spontaneous act (influenced by a few delicious beverages), they agreed to have me shoot video of their wedding day.

I can't thank Natalie and Chad enough for giving me the opportunity. You two are awesome!

Natalie & Chad from Tricia Coyne on Vimeo.


Sasha Fierce! said...

Dude. Trish, that was beautiful. I loved it! Too bad I'm not getting married.
p.s. Who sings the song?
p.p.s. some inspiration:

Tricia Coyne said...

Thanks, Claud. ;)

When you do get married, you'll give me a buzz, right?

The song is by the lovely Holley Maher. Beautiful voice.

And thanks for the link!