Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Let's Go Fly a Kite! 02.18.07

The decorative tale of William Hernandez's kite flickers in the wind during the 15th Annual Kite Day Festival at Haulover Park Sunday afternoon. Families and kite enthusiasts from all over the nation took part in the event, hosted by Miami-Dade Parks and Skyward Kites.
A dolphin-shaped kite sails high in the sky during the 15th Annual Kite Day Festival at Haulover Park Sunday afternoon. More than 200 kite enthusiasts came to enjoy the weather and take part in the event.
Seven-year-olds Diana Ruiz, left, and Kamaile Luciano, right, entertain themselves on an inflatable slide at the 15th Annual Kite Day Festival at Haulover Park Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Step Back in Time 02.13.07

Naples Park Elementary student Tyler Daugherty, 11, studies a World War II rail car that was used by Nazis to transport Jews during the Holocaust. "It breaks my heart to see it," Daugherty said about the rail car. "I can't believe that they actually stuffed people in this - it makes me sad."
Henry Eisenberg, 84, is comforted by Merle Saferstein from the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center, Inc., during an emotionally touching speech by Auschwitz survivor Leo Schneiderman. Hundreds gathered in the Broward County Convention Center Tuesday afternoon for the unveiling of a World War II rail car acquired by the HDEC.
Leo Schneiderman, an Auschwitz survivor, captivates the audience with chilling stories about his experiences during the Holocaust.
The eerie sight of a World War II rail car looms in the background as the audience listens to Holocaust survivor Leo Schneiderman.

Shooting in Luxury 01.14.07

A model sets the tone in "Evening on the Med" - the grand opening ceremony of Acqualina's new spa, ESPA, and eatery, Costa Grill. The hotel/condominium's event also included a beachside buffet and silent auction hosted by Celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito and Law and Order Actress Diane Neal - benefiting Safe Horizon, a victim assistance organization.
Acqualina, a luxury hotel/condominium in Sunny Isles Beach, celebrates the grand opening of its new 20,000 square-foot spa, ESPA. The new addition features 11 treatment rooms, an outdoor spa veranda with a Jacuzzi and pool.

A Pucci outfit shimmers onstage during an Emilio Pucci fashion show at the grand opening ceremony at Acqualina.

Lights in the Field 01.10.07

Sherry Patrick, the new president of the Gainesville Alachua County Association of Realtors, poses in the lobby of Coldwell Banker Wednesday afternoon.

Torah Celebration 12.28.06

Rabbi Alexander Kaller, upper left, overlooks Rabbi Yochanon Klein as he carefully fills in a letter for Lillian, Tatyana and Misha Podlog during the completion and dedication of the new Torah Scroll in Aventura.
Rabbi Yochanon Klein carefully fills in a letter of the new Torah Scroll during the completion and dedication ceremony in Aventura
After placing the crown atop the new completed Torah, David Joukov, left, leads a parade of followers across Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach to the Chabad-Russian Center.
The crowd dances and claps in celebration as Rabbi Alexander Kaller, left, chants verses from a prayer book at the welcoming of the new Torah at the Chabad-Russian Center in Sunny Isles Beach.

April - Dec 2006

I had a friend who wanted me to take a few pictures of her before I officially left Gainesville. I'm starting to really like portrait photography, and I really want to try to pursue it more on the side from photojournalism.

King's Jewelry 12.21.06

Carole Levine, a loyal customer of King Jewelers, admires a necklace at the store's 95th anniversary celebration Thursday night. The event debuted its recently expanded 8,000-square-foot Aventura showroom along with exclusive holiday jewelry and watch collections.
Cyndy Albert, left, examines a A. Fanfani necklace at King Jewelers' 95th anniversary celebration.
Lorraine Bleustein, a King Jewelers customer of 18 years, compares Breitling watches at the store's 95th anniversary celebration.

It's a Big Urban World Out There. 12.01.06

Florida coach Urban Meyer answers questions from Host Dave Neal about their teams' upcoming 2006 SEC Football Championship Game this Saturday during the SEC Coaches Luncheon Friday afternoon.

Gator Nation Domination 01.08.07

A sea of fans celebrate on University Avenue and N.W. 17th Street after the Gator's BCS National Championship victory January 8, 2007. The University of Florida went home with a 41-14 victory over Ohio State University.
Gator fans celebrate during the first quarter of the BCS National Championship game at the Swamp Restaurant.
Katie Brandy, left, steals a kiss from Mark Miller on University Ave. during a celebration of the the Gator's BCS National Championship victory.
Moe Brown cheers in the Swamp Restaurant during the last 5 minutes of the Gator's BCS National Championship victory.
UF fans dance and cheer to the beat of drums on Buckman Drive following the Gator's BCS National Championship victory.

Aloha - June 2006

Trip to Hawaii!!! My cousin, her boyfriend and I went to O'ahu this summer to visit our cousin Brian who lives right on the beach. It was the first time I had been back to Hawaii since I was 3, so it was pretty much a new experience to me. Absolutely amazing over there. Thailand may be my favorite place, but Hawaii is definitely a close second.

...And They're Off! 05.06.06

Oaks Race and the 132nd Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in April 2006.

I got to assist SI photographer Bill Frakes with the Kentucky Derby this year, and had an absolute blast. Besides the not sleeping, it was undoubtedly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I even got a shot in the magazine! yay!

Gat-or Done!! 04.03.06

University of Florida's 73-57 NCAA Championship win against UCLA on April 3, 2006.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Whiplash 11.30.05

Brandhi, a dominatrix, was definitely the most interesting to cover. She was fantastic - trying all types of different poses. Her red hair made everything perfect.

Rock Out 11.30.05

Ryan Murray was very cool to work with. I had to play some classic rock to get his wild head-bangin' on a roll, and once it did, it was a gas, gas, gas!