Saturday, February 17, 2007

Step Back in Time 02.13.07

Naples Park Elementary student Tyler Daugherty, 11, studies a World War II rail car that was used by Nazis to transport Jews during the Holocaust. "It breaks my heart to see it," Daugherty said about the rail car. "I can't believe that they actually stuffed people in this - it makes me sad."
Henry Eisenberg, 84, is comforted by Merle Saferstein from the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center, Inc., during an emotionally touching speech by Auschwitz survivor Leo Schneiderman. Hundreds gathered in the Broward County Convention Center Tuesday afternoon for the unveiling of a World War II rail car acquired by the HDEC.
Leo Schneiderman, an Auschwitz survivor, captivates the audience with chilling stories about his experiences during the Holocaust.
The eerie sight of a World War II rail car looms in the background as the audience listens to Holocaust survivor Leo Schneiderman.

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